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Lighting, high-brightness LED 2011, pushed up by 53% of the estimated value of

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DIGITIMES that the global high-brightness LED market in 2010 reached 8.25 billion U.S. dollars, the expected output will grow by 2011 to 126 billion U.S. dollars, estimated annual growth rate of 53%. Estimated 2012, 2013, the global high-brightness LED production value, but will be 168 billion dollars, 21.9 billion, annual growth will remain above 30%, respectively.

  Mainly by the expansion of LED lighting applications is accelerating, including South Korea, Taiwan, and mainland China expansion by the industry to actively push up. If high-brightness LED with the total number of stars, in 2009 and 2013 the compound annual growth rate will reach 28.6%, of which, LED lighting applications do not use the teeth a few years compound growth rate of 97.4%, not to exceed the overall LED industry growth Rate, but also more than LED-backlit LCD display with a compound annual growth rate of 62.6%.

  As for the MOCVD machine expansion, according to DIGITIMESReasearch survey in 2010, operators in China, driven by government subsidies, LED production equipment for the next single MOCVD machine number, more than South Korea and Taiwan manufacturers. As mainland China's installed capacity MOCVD machine will be on the 2011 peak, expected in 2011 in China the total number of newly installed MOCVD machine, the proportion in the Asia Pacific region will reach 60%.

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