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LED Light Technology Development

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                          LED Light Technology Development

LED tube prospects
With the increasingly serious problem of global greenhouse gas emissions which approaching the critical point on the earth's self regulating. Countries around the world have introduced the relevant policies, including China. LED tube is the most energy-saving green electric light source, naturally become the main option of lighting energy-saving emission reduction. With  the reduces of cost and price, it spreads fast. Before 2020,LED tube market share will exceed 50%. And what is the LED technology development?

Reduce LED tube cost
LED chip occupy the major cost part of the LED tube, so the main way to reduce the LED cost is to reduce the cost of LED chip.Substrate materials originally contain conventional sapphire, silicon and silicon carbide,but now develop to zinc oxide, gallium nitride and other new materials. The silicon substrate is very low cost, technology is in progress, but the luminescence efficiency is also not satisfied, if you keep this pace of development, once reached a high level, it becomes the main silicon technology has become an inevitable choice, enterprises will gain huge economic returns.

Improve LED tube coloration
In the high brightness white LED, a small part of the Blu ray Stokes has a longer length wave after displacement. This is a good thing, because it makes the LED tube manufacturers can use many different colors of fluorescent powder layer, which extends the emission spectra, effectively improve the color rendering index of LED (CRI). High CRI needs a high cost, because Stokes shift will cause the efficiency of white LED is lower than that of the single LED. But for the majority of lighting applications, we prefer to use high CRI and slightly lower efficiency LED tube.

Improve the reliability of the LED light plant system
The overall efficiency of the LED, the service life and reliability can be improved by optimizing the system. 
Illuminate: compact, efficient, choose the right color and output power.
Control and drive: using electronic circuit to achieve constant current drive and control of LED.
Thermal management: if want to achieve longer lifetime,you must control LED node temperature,new technology and new material thermal model calculation is a hot LED light plant technology.
Optical elements: lens, reflector or a light guide plate material is focus light in the target area or scattered around.This all according to the design requirements.

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