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2011, the global LED industry supply and demand analysis

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Currently, the Taiwan Department of LED die manufacturers and more have been put into lighting applications, including crystal power, Formosa Epitaxy, Thai Valley, New Century, etc., LED lighting application products revenue accounted for 20% -30% were reached ranging. Recently, the industry launched a number of horizontal or vertical, respectively, the strategic cooperation (such as synthetic crystal electric and Toyota co-operation with China Electronics Corporation, Formosa Epitaxy cooperation with the Japanese Mitsui, etc.), again mainly in LED lighting for the upcoming business opportunities, pre-made layout .

    According to order at SinoPac study estimated the total 2011 global LCD TV LCD TV penetration rate of LED backlighting models will reach 45%, LCDMonitor LED-backlit LCD monitor models penetration will reach 60%, NB LED backlit notebook computer penetration will reach 100%. as estimates of the 2011 Global 3 large LED backlight display applications for use of the number, the annual growth rate will reach 52%, 152%, 13%.

    According to reports, around the world to ban incandescent schedule gradually close, following the EU has stopped selling in 2009 the traditional 60-watt incandescent, Australia began in 2010 to phase out the use of traditional incandescent, Canada, Japan are also expected to stop in 2012 sales, manufacturing incandescent lamps, the United States will phase out incandescent light years 2012-2014 and to change to energy saving light bulb replacement. Since large-size LCD products LED backlight penetration rate is also accelerated, research institutes predicted, as expected if the penetration rate of LED lighting in the level of 10% in 2011, the Global LED grain of supply and demand, will be in the second half of 2011 , become more tight.

    Mainly because of the large-size LCD LED products (including LCD TVs, LCD monitors, notebook computers, etc.) increase the backlight penetration is accelerating, increasing demand for LED. Also, not all LED outputs can be used for LED lighting market in grain, and only good quality, high brightness LED die to meet the requirements.

    Expected by 2012, LED lighting, the average price per thousand lumens of cool white light to continue down to 6 dollars, warm white light will come to $ 11. With the light-emitting efficiency, lower unit costs continued, assuming penetration in 2011 LED lighting is expected to reach 10% as normal.

    Together with other applications such as mobile phone backlighting, digital billboards, vehicle demand on the LED, are also expected in 2011 will maintain modest growth (percentage increase from single digits to 20% range), if the penetration rate of LED lighting applications also the level of 10% in 2011, the Global LED demand was likely to more than 1,400 from 2010 million units, substantially grow to more than 210 billion in 2011, estimated annual growth rate of more than 50%.

    The total number of global MOCVD machine, has been installed in about 2010 more than 1,400 units, of which about 350 lines in 2010 into the new machine is estimated that by 2011 there are 700 worldwide MOCVD machine will be installed into (mainly from mainland China expansion area), making the total number of global MOCVD machine point of view more than 2100 units.

    With the increased MOCVD machine installed, will supply the global LED die, more than 1,400 from 2010 million units, growing to supply more than 2,500 by 2011 million units, annual growth rate of 70%. However, not all LED die can be used to LED lighting products, SinoPac studies suggest that the 2011 LED (grain) supply and demand ratio is still 116% view, it is expected the second half of the global LED supply and demand in 2011 may become more strained.

    According to the survey, the current energy saving light bulbs LED bulbs and spread, has grown from more than 10 times in 2008, a substantial convergence to 5-8 times in 2010, while the LED lighting lumens per thousand lm (brightness) of the average unit price, but also from 2009, $ 25 cold white, warm white $ 36, down 13 dollars in 2010 cool white, warm white 25 dollars.

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