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Indoor LED Lighting China dependent on technology widely used

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LED interior lighting market outlook
    According to StrategiesUnlimited statistics, LED interior lighting within the next five years, the development trend of exponential growth. It is estimated that by 2011, its output value will reach tens of billions of dollars. It can be said, LED interior lighting is a very huge market, no doubt the market prospects, particularly in 2009, the first implementation of the EU plans to ban incandescent, and the promotion of energy conservation issues fever, LED interior lighting gave a huge market opportunity and optimism prospects. Semiconductor lighting program from the U.S. road map to know, in 2007 and gradually into the white LED general lighting market by 2010, part of the white LED to replace fluorescent lighting into the home, including the main market. Lighting applications in the semiconductor market in China has already overtaken the United States in 2010 I believe lighting in the home occupy a larger market share. 

High cost of time needed to be large-scale commercial
    LED light source used in indoor lighting requirements are high light efficiency, low thermal resistance, color temperature control, in line with the requirements of color, the overall life expectancy, low-cost, integrated design. LED interior lighting technology now basically no problem, the relative fluorescent and other traditional lighting, already has energy-saving advantage.
    However, due to high cost issues, indoor lighting technology is also far from the large-scale commercial stage, but also more difficult to promote; In addition, as many areas are the traditional lamp structure, for the words of LED, lighting may need to be replaced with also a promotion obstacles.
    Fudan University, Professor Fang Zhilie that take into account energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps compared to no more than too much light-emitting efficiency (laboratory records exceeded twice, but the product efficiency or similar), plus the cost also is much higher, the market started yet wait time.
 Final recommendations
    Proposes to reduce the cost, the use made of the interior LED lighting, its initial purchase cost is the traditional lighting of about 5 to 10 times, LED light source accounting for the cost of a very large proportion of high-power LED light source thus reducing the cost of the unit lumen key. As technology improved (relative to traditional light a large enough advantage), the cost continues to decline, along with interior LED lighting will promote easier than before.

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