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LED lighting: three-step march to open up global markets

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With the gradual development of LED lighting, auxiliary lighting in the lighting project and other public places, LED gradually replace some of the traditional light source products. 2009, LED lighting began to enter the main popularity in developed countries. The higher the tariffs, the use of longer places of business applications, LED lamps quickly became the new darling of the market. As the use of LED lighting, LED market development in several stages.

The first stage, LED lamps instead accept the stage.

This stage is early in the development of LED lighting, mainly reflects its high luminous efficiency (energy consumption), and long life. Because the price was high, so at this stage mainly for business according to the market. A process of customer acceptance, the first is to use the habits and appearance of the transition and acceptance. Consistent with the use of traditional light sources under, LED lighting reflects the energy-saving, long life and other features make it relatively easy to accept the market at high prices. Especially in commercial applications. Is the quality of the vendor to fight price advantage.

The second stage, LED lamps utility model stage.

In the last phase, based on the market for LED lighting products have a certain amount of recognition and acceptance. Green LED lamps, small size, high reliability and other features gradually becoming prominent. Thus completely different from the traditional development of a series of products will become predominant light sources. Lighting industry, there will be a more open space for development. Illumination light source is no longer only have a role in changing it makes people work more closely the life bit by bit. The fight is to design application vendors advantage.

The third stage, LED lighting intelligent control stage.

Things such as the development of new technologies, LED as the semiconductor industry, high-speed trains will also catch this tour, to play its high controllability characteristics. From home to office, from roads to the tunnel, from cars to walking, from the auxiliary lighting to the main lighting, with intelligent control of the LED lighting system will lead to higher levels of human services. LED lighting products industry will also be made to the design of products, to provide total solution process.

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