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LED on the annual output value of China's more than 140 million business

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LED large number of industries and enterprises in China, after years of development, on the whole has made great progress. According to LEDinside the latest statistics, the output value of China's LED industry hundreds of millions of years, companies have more than 140. From a market perspective, China LED companies have the following characteristics:

 First, there is absolutely no leading enterprises. China LED many enterprises, generally small size of the enterprise, from sales in 2009, China's LED industry is not an LED product company with annual sales exceeding 10 billion yuan. Annual sales of more than 500 million yuan of only a few, hundreds of millions of businesses with annual sales of 1-2 billion yuan in sales in general.

 Second, LED display industry to mature. Looking at the results from the statistical LEDinside, 2009, the annual output value of millions of enterprises in the production of the display of more than 50, more than 40 enterprises are producing the main LED display.

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